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April 17 2015

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Bruckner Symphony No 4 Celibidache Münchner Philharmoniker 1983 Herkulessaal Live

March 17 2015

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Flow™ Hive: Swarm to Harvest Byron Bay

December 21 2014

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Paulo Bearzoti recita "João Cândido", na inauguração do condomínio do MTST

October 17 2014

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Histórico da Repressão no Curso de Filosofia - Marilena Chauí, Tessa Lacerda, presos/processados

September 06 2014

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Nós Somos o PSOL

September 03 2014

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August 31 2014

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O zittre nicht, mein lieber sohn

August 22 2014

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Jacques Derrida - Fear of Writing

August 16 2014

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Noam Chomsky (2014) "Statistical Natural Language Processing"

May 06 2014

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How To Be Alone

April 24 2014

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Chris Hedges on "Israel's War on American Universities" Full Event

March 17 2014

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14th Annual Gandhi Lecture on Nonviolence with Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

December 16 2013

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Peter O'Toole on Letterman - The Late Show in London (Pt.1)

October 30 2013

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Lose Your Eneas

July 02 2013

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Call on The Brotherhood

June 21 2013

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Globo e os Protestos

June 14 2013

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Policial Quebra Vidro da Própria Viatura - São Paulo 13/6/2013

May 14 2013

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"Va pensiero" - Nabucco - Roma 2011

January 10 2013

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North Korean film exposes Western propaganda - Part 9 of 10
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